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Artist Statement

Uncomfortably crouched behind a camera, carefully stealing transient emotions from nature - I enjoy the ability to share these moments with others, to kindle a desire for travel, or to fan a passion for the conservation of our wild places.

Photography - the ability to capture and share a sliver of time - lured me from my home long ago, to the distant edges of earth and sky; it taught me to rise early, to be patient, and to look over my shoulder. My education with traditional film certainly shaped my approach to imaging - the tonalities of gray, the depth of true black, the delicacy of the instrument, the limits of exposure, the infinite array of potential failures, and the ability to stand in a dark room for hours with just strong coffee and Pink Floyd - all were just steps along the great life-long learning curve.

The digital world is the next logical step in the evolution of imaging - simply a more upright version of the hunched over, club dragging, Java man photographer. The advances in archival ink technology and digital capture have pushed the craft into many lucid directions, and the printing media has begun to blossom in its innovation; the new dye-infused metal sheets and archival canvas are just some exciting new examples.

Capturing an image involves sweating, hard work, enduring the elements - and always with wide eyes. Producing a print involves patience, time away from nature, a handle on technology, cursing - and also with wide eyes. Digital capture and printing, combined with luck and experience, have given me some wonderful images.

Rob Hart